Grim’s Signature Intoxicants

Signature IntoxicantsOur mixologists have compiled their favorite recipes for your tasting pleasure.

Dark & Stormy

Goslings black seal rum, ginger beer, served on the rocks with fresh lime wedge

French ’75

Gin, champagne, lemon juice, With rock candy syrup

Leather Saddle

Rye, benedictine, dry vermouth, orange bitters with a lemon twist

Moscow mule

vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, lime wedge

Old Crow & Hamms

Shot of old crow and a can of beer

Elder Flower #7

Gin, st. germaine, Campari, orange bitters

Red Devil

Vodka, crème de cassis, pineapple juice

Desert Sun

Gin, Cherry Brandy, Fresh Orange juice

Peruvian Sour

Pisco, st. germaine, fresh lime juice

Blood & Sand

Scotch, sweet vermouth, cherry brandy, fresh orange juice

Vodka Drink #2

vodka, lime, grapefruit, St. Germaine, peychaud’s