Grim’s Intoxicants (Drinks)

Grim's bartenders are the masterminds behinds the tasty intoxicants on Capitol Hill.Our original menu of Intoxicants is sure to have something to tingle your tastebuds. We have carefully constructed a drink menu that has a little bit of something for everyone.

Try our Moscow Mule which combines Vodka with Ginger Beer and lime juice, for a refreshing after-work wind down cocktail. Or if you are looking for something to warm on the way down try our Leather Saddle; a delicious blend of rye, Benedictine, Dry Vermouth and orange bitters.

Grim’s carries a selection of bottled or canned beers. They range from a couple types of cider, to a lambic, to more basic beers like Mirror Pond and Peroni and even Hamm’s in a can!

We carry a selection of red and white wines and a few choices of “Bubbles” to quench your thirst as well.